We work with companies that we delegate the development of prototypes or the entire production of the product

Vamec for many years in addition to its catalogue of products, design and realize on the customer order, parts and special mechanical units, taking care of all steps related to the design, prototyping and manufacturing of the product ordered.

Cutting-edge Machine tools: five -axis milling, turning, and every type of machining or thermal treatments for outsourcing works

Thanks to continual investment in machine tools equipment and software, now Vamec is able to perform all types of machining, in particular milling (3 or 5 axes), turning, drilling, reaming, boring, laser marking, and more. The company also can perform any type of heat treatment or surface: burnishing, chrome plating, zinc plating, anodizing. On request we can perform laser marking of the products by printing customer logo or numbering the product with serial numbers.

In the constant search for perfection, we offer our customers the latest technology and optimized production cycles

Consolidated methods of design, vanguard CAD - CAM software, simulation kinematics on the mechanicals organs, thermodynamic simulation on cooling circuits, allow us together with our large fleet CNC machines to realize parts with quality and excellent processing times.