Vamec srl is active in karting for over 30 years and has established itself in worldwide with important victories of Tryton diaphragm carburetors

Vamec srl was born from the karting experince of Vincenzo Vannini, who took his one's first steps in this sport in the distant 1968, first as a pure passionate, then as a pilot. At that time, as in his group was the only one with a job in metal mechanics, many friends turned to him for the overhaul of engines and technical advice, so decided to undertake the business of preparer and mechanic in national and international races. In those years were used components not entirely specific for the karting area, because we relied to parts destined for mass markets such as road motorcycles or parts for agricultural machinery, which were very far from being able to ensure the performance that kart racing required.

Vamec srl follows nearly the technological evolution of design and production systems that allow to achieve standards of quality in year to year always higher

So it was that in the early 90 years Vannini decided to give his own definition to the design and construction of specific material for kart racing, first realizing diaphragm carburetors Tryton, then expanding its range of products and accessories for chassis and engines. The design and realization of high performance products dedicated to the kart had become the mission of the Vamec, with the vision of increase with own technologies and innovations the kart's market.